Advertising & Promotional Marketing

Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise: print marketing is alive and well. Print engages more of the senses, making it more memorable.

Print Marketing is Alive & Well!

Print captures people’s full attention because it engages more of the senses, making it more memorable and creating a deeper connection to your brand – especially when you optimize your designs with distinctive materials like synthetic paper. Let us show you.

Advertising & Marketing Mailer

RELYCO specialty media provides a superior advantage over traditional direct-mail papers, helping your mailings get opened and read. We have options for single-piece mailings as well as multi-piece inserts. We can also provide the form/envelope outer shell and the equipment to recognize and process variable direct-mail pieces at a high rate of speed.

Advertising & Marketing Brochures

Our synthetic substrates give your brochures an upscale look while providing the extra durability that might be required for certain applications. They offer outstanding printability through a range of print technologies, from desktop to production printers.

Advertising & Marketing Door Hanger

Door Hangers
Indoors or out, our papers offer the durability required of door hanger applications, whether it’s for hotels or door-to-door consumer solicitations. They are easily printed and already die-cut to the size and shape you need.

Advertising & Marketing Rack Card

Rack Cards
If you’re looking to produce rack cards that look and feel a little different, consider our pre-perforated die-cuts option on synthetic paper. They allow your message to stand out while enhancing the image of your business.

Advertising & Marketing Table Tent

Table Tents
Table tents are a valuable marketing tool for tradeshows, restaurants, bars, hotels and countless other application. When produced on REVLAR synthetic paper, they look great and stand up to everyday use better than those produced with traditional substrates.

Advertising & Marketing Hang Tags

Hang Tags
Hang tags can play a valuable role in attracting consumer attention and relaying important information about the product. Produced with REVLAR synthetic papers, they can tell your story with extra style and panache.

For all of the above:

Want to talk to a specialist for testing or questions? Not able to print your own? No problem! Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you. We can even provide printing and/or design services.