From private grade schools to prestigious universities, schools are using RELYCO specialty media to communicate with parents and identify students/staff.


Keeping the Education Environment Safe

Safety solutions for back-to-school

Now, more than ever, educators and administrators are looking for ways to keep their students healthy and safe while engaged in learning. Using trusted, durable products to communicate messaging and instructions is key. We currently provide these products to a variety of private and public educational institutions – everything from alternative kindergartens to high schools and universities.

Signage: messaging that will stick

Signage is extremely important when it comes to safety messaging. It is critical for the smooth running of any school, no matter the age of the students. Parents, educators, administrators, support staff and students will all benefit from proper signage and instructions.

Signage solutions for the education market

For precautionary, way-finding and instructional signage that will stay put, but remove cleanly, a durable label solution is best. Our REVLAR removable labels are up to the challenge. Use them to print your own non-slip floor graphics, social distancing chair signage, handwashing mirror reminders and more! Not able to print your own? No problem, we can help with that, just reach out.

Alternatives to labels for signage:

Poster for the education market

Posters on sheets of durable REVLAR synthetic paper are easily cleanable, waterproof, weatherproof and tear-proof.

Stand alone signage for education

Table tents are stand-alone signage on the same cleanable REVLAR. They can be used to display and convey any procedural or instructional information.

Other reliable products for Education

Education Manual

Manuals: For manuals that are handled by multiple people and must remain durable over time, our synthetic papers are the perfect solution. They can be easily cleaned between users.

Education Mailer

Direct Mail: Help your mailings get opened and read. With their anti-tampering design, pressure seal mailers can be used for confidential or sensitive documents, such as report cards, security pins, transcripts, etc. But don’t limit yourself! These mailers can also be used for fundraising efforts or just general communication. We can also provide the pressure seal equipment to recognize and process variable direct-mail pieces at a high rate of speed, which saves valuable time.

Education ID Card

ID Cards: For student IDs, library cards or passes to be long-lasting, they need to be super durable. Our cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials.

For all of the above:

Want to talk to a specialist for testing or questions? Not able to print your own? No problem! Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you. We can even provide printing and/or design services.