Healthcare professionals count on safety, security and accuracy every day. Now more than ever, cleanable and durable healthcare signage is hugely important.


Facing complex challenges in Healthcare

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Healthcare professionals count on safety, security and accuracy every day. Using trusted products eliminates wasted time and the potential for errors. We work with a variety of healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, physician offices, pharmacies, labs, imaging centers, walk-in clinics and insurance offices.

Easy to clean Healthcare signage

Now more than ever, healthcare signage is hugely important. Safety is critical for not only the wellbeing of patients, but also for the team responsible for providing care.

Healthcare signage

For precautionary, way-finding, instructional or emergency signage, a durable and easily cleanable material is best. Our REVLAR synthetic paper sign materials are up to the challenge. They are waterproof, weatherproof, tear-proof and washable, but still print like a dream.

Cleanable signage

Alternatives to traditional signage / posters:

Healthcare Door Hanger

Door hangers ensure that your message cannot be missed before a door is opened.

Healthcare Window Cling

Window clings provide a great alternative to posters & tape on front doors for critical signage. Our window clings will easily remove with no residue left behind!

Other reliable products for Healthcare

Healthcare Menu

Menus: Food service offerings have evolved. New and improved menus should mimic the look and feel of your expanded and enhanced food choices. RELYCO offers a variety of paper options that offer not only great aesthetics, but superior durability over traditional options as well.

Healthcare Mailings

Mailings: RELYCO media helps your mailings get opened and read. We recognize that extra care must be taken to maintain patient privacy and protect mailings.

Pressure seal mailers can be used for medical test results, sensitive documents, billing and payroll, etc. We can also provide the pressure seal equipment to recognize and process variable direct-mail pieces at a high rate of speed.

Healthcare ID cards

Health insurance cards are used frequently. Information must remain readable throughout their long life. Our cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your health plan.

For all of the above:

Want to talk to a specialist for testing or questions? Not able to print your own? No problem! Contact us and we’d be happy to work with you. We can even provide printing and/or design services.