Electronic Payment Solutions

A complete suite of payment solutions, leveraging proven best practices to allow you to manage 100 percent of your invoice and payment processes using traditional and contemporary payment technology.

Business Checks

RELYCO’s check writing software helps you manage your payments to make your payment process more simple and secure. Working with your existing accounts payable or payroll software, you can settle payments directly from your own computer, route payments through an approval process and view check previews before printing the check run.

Check Writing Software

Check printing software allows you to eliminate expensive pre-printed forms & checks

You can avoid:

  • Maintaining inventory of pre-printed checks
  • Improperly numbered pre-printed checks
  • Throwing away obsolete forms
  • Waiting for pre-printed checks to be delivered
  • The high cost of pre-printed checks

You can enjoy:

  • Blank check paper that is always in stock and good for all of your accounts
  • Software that allows for fast and easy changes

Explore our different software options:

Features & benefits:

  • Print checks on blank laser paper
  • Handle multiple accounts, plus unlimited files & styles
  • Print signatures, logos and security features
  • Encrypted digital signatures are digitally applied
  • Authorized user access & restrict feature access
  • Optional automated process for import, print, archive and report
  • Positive Pay files exported to specified folder
  • No recurring license fee
  • Recommended yearly support for US-based technications

Features & benefits:

  • Print checks on blank laser paper
  • Control multiple companies and bank accounts
  • Print signatures and logos
  • Add security through password protection
  • Reformat current data to a new layout
  • Can work with any accounting system, including QuickBooks
  • Compatible with most laser printers
  • Account/Company/Signature modifications are quick and easy to implement
  • Support offered via phone and email

Talk to a software expert to determine the best solution for you!