Formax Equipment

Formax pressure seal equipment is compatible with our ULTRASEAL forms and self-mailers. We offer a range of options, from tabletop to industrial-sized units.

Pressure Seal Forms

Features & options

When pressure seal machines are used with printed ULTRASEAL forms & self-mailers, you eliminate the need for envelopes. This enables you to reduce processing time, boost productivity and save money.

Pressure Seal Equipment
Pressure Seal Equipment

Formax pressure sealers

We offer Formax pressure seal equipment in a range of options – from tabletop to industrial-sized units. Formax is a leader in the design and manufacturing of paper processing equipment.

Saving time & money

Pressure sealers enable you to process 10 times more pieces per hour than folder-inserters and as much as 60 times more per hour than what you can process by hand. We’re talking speeds of up to 40,000 forms per hour.

Pressure Seal Equipment

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